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Hey Friend! I'm Melissa Eich.

Most mornings, you can catch me sipping on coffee and wrestling my kids out the door for school while I blend my infamous smoothie.

After a busy day of sports, chicken duties, and bargaining my kids to eat their vegetables - you'll find me reading a mystery-thriller novel and snuggling with my doodle pups.

But in between?

That's when I serve women like you. The women who want to shed unwanted weight and live a healthy, vibrant life but can't stay accountable. The ones who are done with quick fixes and are ready to get to the root cause of why yo-yo dieting isn't working.

The busy women who juggle jobs, kids, significant others, and the occasional social night out with a few cocktails.

You can become a healthy woman who loves her body and sustainably loses weight without quick fixes, starving yourself, or losing your mind. 


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Let me show you how my coaching program will take you from feeling stuck
in your body and overwhelmed from information to
 finally attaining clarity for fueling your body well,
freedom from endless, unsustainable dieting,
and unconditional love for yourself and for the body you have today.


A Few of my Favorite Things....

  • Listening to true crime podcasts 
  • Gardening and reaping the benefits of homegrown food
  • Reading suspense and self-development 
  • Dreaming of my future alpaca farm
  • Playing legos, soccer, wrestling, running, and all the boy stuff with my sons
  • Walking outside in the countryside
  • Snuggling my doodles
  • Feeding my chickens their afternoon snack (follow me on IG to watch - you won't regret it!)


Whether you're ready to dive right into coaching with me
or you want an in-depth conversation to find out how my coaching program can help you,
apply for my program and
we'll uncover the possibilities that are ahead for you.
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