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The Live Well Project

A 3-month project to ignite your energy with whole food, manage stress and live a purposeful life.

Learn to leave behind a diet mentality, fuel your body with whole foods and achieve the mindset to get you further. 

Enrollment is currently closed

You're better than the on & off diet lifestyle. Let's discover your healthy mind, body & soul. 

The Live Well Project will be a good fit for you are:

  • Ready to clear up confusion over what's "good or bad" in your diet
  • Undereating or overeating
  • Waking up fatigued - even after a solid night of sleep
  • Never hungry in the  morning and you overeat at night
  • Inundated with tasks that don't light you up 
  • Always feeling behind
  • Constantly wired and tired
  • Dependent on coffee to get through your day and wine to relax at night
  • Experiencing brain fog 
  • Always on or off a diet
  • Looking for stress management tools outside of alcohol, food, and sweets
  • Ready for a true lifestyle change and not a quick fix
Enrollment is currently closed
Your body is an intricate, beautiful machine that works in harmony with your mind and soul. Let's listen to it.


Hey! I'm Melissa,

an RN and women's functional nutrition coach,

and I'm determined to help you live in a body you love and feels like yours.

It's not about the pounds—It's about who's inside.


Learn More About Mel

“I highly recommend working with Melissa. I was looking for a coach to help me focus on the foods I was choosing with healthy weight loss. Melissa coached me through the food that would help me. With Melissa, I was able to lose 20lbs, sleep better, and have better workouts. I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”


What's Included?

  • Access to the Meal Prep Membership Program (click for details)
  • Monthly stress-focus & reduction workshops
    • In-person or Zoom options. All workshops will be recorded and sent out. (See curriculum below)
  • Food & Mindset Journals
  • Weekly online check-ins for accountability with Melissa & a Facebook group for Q's and support
  • 15% off passes and memberships at The Hot Spot
  • Chances to win memberships, Reiki sessions, and more throughout the project. 
  • Discount for Small Group Coaching cohort which begins January 2023
Enrollment is currently closed
Your body isn't broken. Your mind isn't defeated. Your soul isn't lost.
Let's uncover you again. 

Melissa coaches on how to develop a mind-body connection freeing from reliance on one size fits most approach and can be carried forward without burnout. She helps you to understand individual results and setbacks so that you can independently navigate new schedules, foods, stressors, etc.. Much like teaching a person how to read a map so that they can navigate all the roads.


When your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result - Deepak Chopra

Enrollment is currently closed