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The Live Well Project

An 8-week project designed to ignite your energy with whole food and stress management practices.

Reclaim your Balance, Revitalize, & Thrive:

Unleash Your Potential this Summer with Nourishment for Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

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What is The Live Well Project?

Hormonal Balance

The first step to finding balance in your body is to start with food, stress, and lifestyle. When you aren't eating enough of the right foods, when you aren't taking care of yourself and filling your cup - this puts your body in fight or flight mode while pushing on your stress response over and over. A chronic stress response leads to depleted or imbalanced hormones, which is why you feel the way you do - tired.

Freedom from Diets

Likely, you've been taught from a young age that your body should look a certain way. When it doesn't - you find yourself in the newest and quickest diet to escape yourself. The Live Well Project isn't this. It's time to start loving yourself and showing yourself respect and care by fueling your body like an adult female, igniting your energy, and finding freedom from the next diet fad. The Live Well Project will show you how to Live Well - forever.

Food Clarity

No more guessing or asking for someone to tell you what to eat. I'll guide you to make the best decisions for yourself by understanding your body, and your hormones while having access to a qualified nutritionist along the way.  You also have the option to have a custom nutritional guidance created for you and your goals. I find that women who like concrete answers do best with this. Although, I will teach you the ebb and flow of nutrition and how to be independent. 

Stress Management 

Often you'll only hear about stress reduction because management tools aren't being taught. It's time to change that because you can't escape your life. During The Live Well Project, I will be teaching you different tools and modalities along with setting boundaries (new to this round!) to regulate your nervous system and decrease how often your stress response is activated. These tools will change your life and how you feel and approach your daily life. With time you will notice that you are proactive, calm, centered, grounded, and no longer reactive. 

A Meal Prep Goddess

In the Live Well Project, you'll develop the skills to become efficient in the kitchen and be well-prepared for your week. If you have questions about prepping, travel, supplements, eating out, always being in your vehicle with children, or time management - I have the guides, resources, and answers. 



Self-Love, Discipline, and Compassion

They go hand in hand. This is a lifestyle and you'll learn how to use love, discipline, and compassion to feel better both during and after this program. 




The Live Well Project is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to clear up confusion over what's "good or bad" in your diet
  • You are either under-eating or overeating and you can't seem to be consistent
  • You wake up fatigued - even after a solid night of sleep
  • You are never hungry in the  morning, and you overeat at night
  • You're inundated with tasks that don't light you up 
  • Summer vacation feels like anxiety
  • You are always feeling behind
  • You're constantly wired and tired
  • You are dependent on coffee to get through your day and wine to relax at night
  • You are experiencing brain fog  
  • You're always on or off a diet
  • You are looking for stress management tools outside of alcohol, food, and sweets
  • You are overwhelmed and lack true self care
  • You don't want to go into this summer overeating and over-drinking - again.  

Two Payments of $125

Upgrade with custom nutrition at checkout of $25
Enroll + 2 Payments

Pay In Full $275

Includes Custom Nutrition
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Your body is an intricate, beautiful machine that works in harmony with your mind and soul. Let's listen to it.


Hey! I'm Melissa,

I'm a nurse turned women's health and wellness coach,

and I'm determined to help you live in a body you love and feels like yours.

It's not about the pounds—It's about who's inside.


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"Melissa coaches on developing a mind-body connection freeing from reliance on one size fits most approach and can be carried forward without burnout. She helps you to understand individual results and setbacks so that you can independently navigate new schedules, foods, stressors, etc.. It is much like teaching a person how to read a map so they can navigate all the roads."


What's Included?

  • A weekly menu with whole-food recipes designed to balance your hormones, ignite your energy and help you feel good from the inside out
  • Three tracks to choose from based on your current goals and needs
  • Nervous system support to help you manage your stress with different modalities and tools provided to find what works best for you
  • Daily food logs or My Fitness Pal tutorials
  • Weekly Zoom calls for support, coaching, and education around the weekly topic. (see curriculum below)
  • Private community access for accountability, motivation, questions, and support
  • Add on option for custom nutrition and mid-point check in with adjustments and recommendations
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Your body isn't broken. Your mind isn't defeated. Your soul isn't lost.
Let's uncover you again. 

When your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result - Deepak Chopra

Two Payments of $125

Upgrade to custom nutrition at checkout for $25 per month.

Enroll + 2 Payments

Pay In Full for $275

Includes Custom Nutrition

Enroll + Save $25