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When You’re Ready to Ditch Mental and Physical Burnout, Sustainably Lose Weight & Choose Yourself Instead...

Mindfully Well Program

A women's functional health, mindset, and weight loss program.

Does this sound familiar?


You've always done what you were told - to eat less and move more. You do that, and you'll have the body want, right?


But what happens when working harder starts working against you? 
  • Always feeling exhausted
  • Stubborn weight that won't budge, no matter how hard you try
  • Bloating from seemingly any food
  • Sleep inconsistencies
  • Feeling wired and tired
  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Feeling stress no matter how hard you try to manage it
  • Feeling confused about what or how to eat
Maybe this is where you throw your hands up, assume you'll never feel like yourself again, and quit. 


What if you choose to be resilient, not resistant, determined instead of defeated?


Here’s the thing about wellness, hormone regulation, and weight loss: It often feels uncomfortable and it takes a different approach.

What worked before, no longer gives you the same result.  

Now,  you work smarter, not harder.

You may feel like nothing everything has gone wrong. You may feel defeated. You may feel like you've tried everything.

But, I believe you can lose unwanted weight in a way that makes you feel energized, vibrant, and like you again.

You're not lost. 

 I’m CONFIDENT that you can.

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Have you ever thought…

  • “Dieting hasn’t given me sustainable results in the past, and I’m tired of trying diet plans and programs that just don't work for me.”
  • "I can hardly function daily with everything on my shoulders; how could I add another thing?"
  • “I’m afraid to start a health or nutrition program because I know I can’t be perfect.”
  • “I don’t know why I can’t be consistent or why I can’t prioritize myself. I feel stuck and lost on where to even begin.”

What if you could feel…

  • “I’ve built sustainable habits, and I won’t have to start all over again.”
  • “I feel in control of my food choices, and I know that I don’t need to be perfect to see results.”
  • "Wow, I forgot what it feels like to have energy and the desire to put my needs first."
  • “I’ve learned the physical, emotional, and mental components of health and weight loss, and now I know how to make the best choice for me."

If you’re ready to feel seen, heard, understood, and lose the weight for good -- without the generic email check-ins, the weekly macro adjustments, and the half-naked progress photos -- let me help you learn the practical ways to lose weight, including nutrition, movement, gut health, and hormones and come to know yourself better.


You CAN become a healthy woman who loves her body and sustainably loses weight without quick fixes, starving yourself, or losing your mind.

Mindfully Well Program:
A Four-Month Online  Experience


The Mindfully Well program offers you an opportunity to experience the richness of group-based coaching with like-minded women in an online community while also receiving 1:1 focused support from Melissa, an experienced coach.

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Physical: Your Future Self

Macronutrients & Mindful Eating

Blood sugar balance

Your future self

Goal setting

Strength Training

Fueling Your Workouts


Mental: Stress Management

Stress & your nervous system

Stress eating

Stress & weight loss


Circadian Rhythm






Mindless Eating

Slow is the goal

Understanding Urges

Scale Drama

Body Love



Putting It All Together


Mindful Eating

Self Sabotage

Establishing your Lifestyle






What's Inside: 

  • Two group coaching calls/month held on Zoom with many different day and time options to accommodate your schedule
  • Daily journal & mindset prompts to help you understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Access to private community for support, questions and engagement
  • Weekly lessons based on the self-love model of wellness (which examines the physical, emotional, and mental components of health
  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocol based on where you currently are and your goals
  • Access to the Meal Prep Membership, including weekly meal plans for you and your family and how to prep without overwhelm.


The Investment:  Mindfully Well Program

  •  $399 per month | ideal for busy women. In addition to juggling kids and/or work, it’s likely that you’ve dieted many times before but always end up in the same (dissatisfied) place. If you’re ready to stop dieting for GOOD in favor of cultivating whole-body wellness physically, emotionally, and mentally, then Mindfully Well is for you.
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What Melissa’s Coaching Clients are Saying

"Highly recommend Melissa's one on one coaching! I initially thought I just wanted some guidance on meal prepping and workouts to get me feeling my best but after starting her one on one coaching it was clear I needed to learn much more to make long lasting lifestyle changes. Establishing clear goals, understanding habits, time management, tapping into all the feelings...all of this was necessary in order to make little changes everyday that yield big rewards long term. Thanks Melissa for all your help!" -Whitney

"I cannot recommend Melissa more! She does a fantastic job of coaching you as a WHOLE person–mind, body, soul. She meets you with grace and realism but also motivation. I absolutely loved working with her and have changed so many habits for the better during our time together." -Maddie

"I have learned so much in this small group program with Melissa, not only to eat healthily but your whole mindset about losing weight and nutrition. I would recommend this program to anyone. Also, her meal prep recipes are the bomb!" -Brittany

"Melissa is extremely knowledgeable, adaptive, and confident in her coaching. Her passion for whole body health is evident in the custom material created from what I can only imagine to be extensive research. Before I started, I explained that I wanted to disconnect from my phone and struggled with other programs since they consumed my time finding recipes, tracking food throughout the day, spending excessive time each evening pre tracking, and feeling like I needed an app and food scale to succeed. Melissa coaches on how to develop a mind-body connection freeing from reliance on one size fits most approach and can be carried forward without burnout. She helps you to understand individual results and setbacks so that you can independently navigate new schedules, foods, stressors, etc.. Much like teaching a person how to read a map so that they can navigate all the roads. Thank you, Melissa!" -Megan

About Melissa Eich, Registered Nurse Turned Women's Nutrition, Mindset, and Weight-Loss Coach

Hey, friend! I’m Melissa. Most mornings, you can catch me sipping on coffee and wrestling my kids out the door for school while I blend my infamous smoothie.

After a busy day of sports, chicken duties, and bargaining my kids to eat their vegetables - you'll find me reading a mystery-thriller novel and snuggling with my doodle pups.

But in between? That's when I serve women like you - the ones juggling jobs, kids, significant others, and the occasional social night out with a few cocktails. The women who want to shed unwanted weight and live a healthy, vibrant life, but who can't stay accountable. The ones who are done with quick fixes and are ready to get to the root cause of why yo-yo dieting isn't working.

I use my nursing expertise from evidence-based practices to help you lose unwanted physical weight, discover how to reset your mind, and learn what is blocking you from losing weight and keeping it off.

A Few of my Favorite Things:

  • Listening to true crime podcasts
  • Gardening and reaping the benefits of homegrown food
  • Feeding my alpacas their favorite treats
  • Playing legos, soccer, wrestling, running, and all the boy stuff with my sons
  • Walking outside in the countryside
  • Snuggling my doodles and feeding my chickens


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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Let me show you how my coaching program will take you from feeling stuck in your body and overwhelmed by information to finally attaining clarity for fueling your body well, freedom from endless, unsustainable dieting, and unconditional love for yourself and for the body you have today.

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