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Nutrition coaching is much more than food.

An unhealthy body, extra weight, and a poor mindset are simply symptoms of an underlying issue. Together, we find a food system that works for you while incorporating my coaching program's three pillars (physical, mental, and emotional components).

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I get it. You are bright, successful, and have built a beautiful, busy life. But the scale is stuck.

Become Healthy and Let the Weight Go.

I believe the truest form of health lies within us. Our mind, body, and soul have the answers.
We just need to listen.
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The Self Love Model:

My 6-month coaching program encompasses the three pillars of lifelong health and weight loss. We lose weight physically, but why is the weight there in the first place?
Through my coaching methods, we get to the root of health and weight loss issues and the diet mindset behind us for good.

In addition to the Self Love Model, you have access to  monthly Reiki sessions with Melissa. Learn more about Reiki here

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Your body is an intricate, beautiful machine that works in harmony with your mind and soul. Let's listen to it.


Hey! I'm Melissa,

an RN and women's weight loss coach,

and I'm determined to help you live in a body you love and feels like yours.

It's not about the pounds—It's about who's inside.


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“I highly recommend working with Melissa. I was looking for a coach to help me focus on the foods I was choosing with healthy weight loss. Melissa coached me through the food that would help me. With Melissa, I was able to lose 20lbs, sleep better, and have better workouts. I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”


Your body isn't broken. Your mind isn't defeated. Your soul isn't lost.
Let's uncover you again. 

What's included?

  • Each month you'll receive three personal 1:1 coaching calls with Melissa through Zoom for 6 months
  • Optional monthly Reiki sessions
  • Access to your personalized coaching portal with resources, coaching notes, and video replay
  • Access to the Eat to Live Well community
    • Monthly meal plans for you and your family
    • How, when, and what to meal prep for success and not overwhelm
    • Two - three group coaching topics per month with access to replays PLUS all previous recordings
    • Access to Eat to Glow course
    • Access to all Food Prep Power Ebooks
    • Personal Voxer access to Melissa for anytime access
    • Food journal
    • Mindset journal
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I have had the opportunity to work with Melissa since October 2018, and it was by far the BEST decision I could have made. She is down-to-earth, encouraging, and isn’t afraid to give you reality checks when needed. I look forward to our weekly check-ins and have even been able to increase my intake, try new workouts, and have more freedom when it comes to food choices. I have learned so much from her, and am excited to see what my body will be able to do in the upcoming months and years with continued guidance from Mel!

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